An interview with Steve Thompson and The Incidents.

In the following interview Musician/Writer Naomi Campbell interviews Steve Thompson and The Incidents.  Naomi talks to the band about their new single The Rabbit Hole, its influences, the response it has received and what lies ahead for the band.

Congratulations on your new single, sounding great! How long have you been working on The Rabbit Hole?

We’ve been working on the song for the past 5 months live and in the studio so it’s grown and evolved over that time .

Would you say the single has a somewhat spooky vibe what with the smoke alarm and sound effects? (And of course, with the release coinciding closely with Halloween)

I think we wanted it to have a weird vibe rather than spooky , something different to modern day indie music , were big fans of riffs and harmonies as with most of our songs. The Rabbit Hole is comparing modern day society’s decent into social networking with Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole, scary,weird, wonderful, mind blowing but also dangerous too, in fact it borders on madness.

Who were your main influences when writing the track?

I’d say the psychedelic 60’s is heavily influencing this tune , Cream, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Hendrix , The Doors to name a few.

Have you had any kind of feedback since releasing the track?

We’ve always had good feedback on our music from those that support us and those that hear us for the first time but ultimately we’re making the music we want to make and if it pleases people that’s great if not then that’s no problem either .

Working from a largely music populated city such as Liverpool means of course, you’re going to be surrounded by several other musicians. Were you or have you been influenced by anyone locally?

No, I don’t think Liverpool bands have influenced our music at all ,we have a sound that differs from the so called Liverpool sound , trying to replicate other bands is always a mistake, find your own vibe and run with it .

Would you say you have a pretty faithful fan base since you’ve been performing together now for four years?

Definitely although I don’t like the phrase fans I prefer to think that we find fellow music lovers that click with what we’re doing musically.

How do you come together to work as a group when writing a track? 

Steve is the main songwriter but the songs are left to the devices of all band members to do what they please with feel and flow of the songs , we like to keep things loose with room to grow the music before it gets recorded, the songs could be a year old by the time they make it onto a recording.

What was your influence for the video for The Rabbit Hole?

Definitely the madness of Alice in Wonderland.

Where was The Rabbit Hole produced/recorded?

We recorded the track at the fantastic Canvas sounds in Nestor where most of our recording takes place , very relaxed and productive studio

Is the new release directed at any type of listener in particular?

Anyone that likes decent crafted weird songs.

Will there be an album/more releases to follow the single?

Yes we’ve got two thirds of the songs done so hoping to get the next album out early 2017.

It’s been quite the adventure for Steve Thompson and the Incidents already having recently been signed and featured in a US movie! How exiting was this for you and how do you guys plan to top this? 

It’s always great to have your music appreciated and with our publishing deal hopefully there will be many.

More opportunities for our music on the big screen so definitely exciting times

What are your plans for the remainder of 2016?

We’re just going to concentrate on recording and finish the album , we’ve been playing and recording solidly for the last four years so we’ll enjoy some time off from gigging until the new year.

Where can we see you perform next? 

We’ll be announcing dates early next year so keep your eyes on our FB page.

Finally, where can we buy your track?

All the usual suspects Amazon music, ITunes etc and our debut album can be purchased through our FB.


You can follow Steve Thompson and The Incidents at:



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